Who we are

Dynamic Tube & Pipe, a division of Dynamic Metals, is committed to producing only top quality, superior strength, galvanized inside and out, framework. Our dedication begins with decades of experience in the steel industry, and staffed with professionals from every aspect of steel production, testing, handling and quality assurance. Through our experience we acknowledge the importance of both interior and exterior protection. By using only prime steel, high grade zinc and superior coating technology, we can assure our customers of receiving the best Tube and Pipe products available today.

In business since the year 2000...

For over 20 years we have been committed to producing the highest quality fence and framework tubing in the industry. Our galvanizing process coats both the inside and outside of the pipes, leaving you with tubing that will last for decades. With that many years of experience, we’re positive we’ll be able to provide you with the strongest material on the market.


It all begins with prime base metal, which is then hot-dipped galvanized with high grade zinc on both sides, ensuring inside and out protection. This is followed by a conversion process which protects and prepares the steel for the final coating. The exterior is then finished with a specially formulated clear acrylic for durability and shine.